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Top Apps For Winter Travel!

As we all know that winter is just around the corner and hence it’s time to embrace the season and enjoy the snow. Although you may like unplugging from work and email, still you won’t want to miss out on these great apps when traveling, so look below carefully to know more about it.

  1. Trover

  • Check out a social photo app which is for travelers to share their experiences in off-the-beaten-path places.
  • You’ll get to know about great discoveries through the eyes of the traveler.
  • The app enables you to search the best food in Whistler. Thanks to a ‘Yelp-meets-Instagram Collage’ of yummy eats arranged by distance.
  • One of the good parts is that throughout your adventure, you can share your awesome photos with a group of fellow adventurers.
  • Trover is a fantastic option if you need to make a visual bucket list, or if you don’t want to visit the standard tourist areas.
  • Recently, Expedia purchased Trover.
  1. Cairn Offline Maps

  • Whether you are heading on a snowshoe hike or else to any new city, Cairn makes it super easy and simple to notify family and friends of your trip plans.
  • During your trip, not just your safety contacts see your location in real time, but also you can send plenty of prefilled messages such as “I’m OK” with the touch of a button from the app or Apple Watch. If you haven’t checked in because of your busy schedule, then Cairn shall send a notification to your contacts with your tracks and instructions on what to do next.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that Cairn is one of the only apps where you can get free worldwide offline maps. Since it’s optimized for wilderness, maps and GPS work without a data or Wi-Fi connection but will also let you know where to find cell coverage by a carrier from crowd-sourced data.
  1. REI National Parks

  • In the year 2016, US National Park completed 100 years and to celebrate that REI launched this app.
  • The app is a perfect trip to discover a tool for making a National Park trip. If you’re worried about your winter trip, then don’t panic because you can search for information from accessible trails to winter camping on innumerable US National Parks such as Zion, Arches or Joshua Tree. All of these make great active vacation spots in the winter season.
  1. Security Check Of Facebook

  • In the Facebook app, most of the people are not aware of its security functionality. The app lets you know about any large-scale emergency or else natural disaster in a destination you are going. A button will appear asking whether if you are safe only when Facebook decides to activate the security check.
  • Luckily, friends and family members get to see this in your feed whenever you check in.

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