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Best Scanner to Change Your Documents into Images & PDFs

If I tell you that my school days included of finding spare change for the Xerox machine to copy textbook pages, then you can easily be able to imagine my age.

These days, the youngster has taken it easy with their smartphones, but earlier, we were all used to pushing and shoving around the clunky photocopier.

To scan a page or an image using your phone is just amazing. Lot, many of these apps, also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as well which we are going to look later on.

Note that if you have an iPhone, here we provide you with a name of the best leading iOS scanner to easily change scans into PDFs.

Best iOS Scanner to change Your Smartphone into a Scanner

Before starting, you should mark this point on your mind that even though scanner apps are improving by leaps and bounds but still they are not entirely perfect. So to get a good scan, the image or page preferably should be on a flat surface without any fault on it.

For instance, if you are scanning a textbook page then the scan will get distorted the near the content gets to the centre spine. Alternatively, scanning a flat whiteboard in an office or classroom if you want then you’ll likely have no problems.


Let’s do the one I use most of the time. Although it is not free, you can’t neglect the fact that it is worth every cent.

  1. You can scan documents and pictures very fast using the iPhone camera so do use it.
  2. Then, decide the level of darkness you want its colour should be. Note that if it is a document then tend to have the brightness at maximum to make it as easy to read as much as possible.
  3. After that, if by chance you have more than one document or picture, you can snap each one and then easily combine them into a file. After this decide how you are going to send it on your phone.
  4. If you have selected to email it- it uses the standard Apple Mail app on the phones. However, you can also send the file to a variety of other services such as Messages, iCloud Drive, or Airdrop etc.


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