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Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Hopes to Give Edge an Edge

With the dynamically changing scenario for internet browsers, Microsoft decided to up its game by introducing new and improved changes to Edge. According to the latest reports, the tech giant will be rebuilding Microsoft Edge so that it can operate on Chromium. Chromium is an open-source internet browser project that drives Google’s popular browser – Chrome. The shift indicates that Edge will now run on V8 JavaScript engine which is supported by Blink.

The fact that Microsoft will get involved with open-source projects translates as a major move. The company hopes that rebuilding the browser will improve the user experience for a range of audiences. The browser will not only experience enhanced compatibility but will also see an increase in battery life.

The ‘rebuilding’ in no way indicates the demise of Microsoft Edge, in fact, the changes will take place under the hood where users may not visually perceive it. However, the performance boost will definitely be perceptible along with the higher degree of web compatibility. It is expected that the change in the driving engine will help Microsoft regain the currently eroding market share caused by the popularity of Google Chrome. A Chromium-based modernized Edge will experience fewer compatibility issues and display a more streamlined interface.

Microsoft will begin the process by decoupling Edge from Windows 10 and make it accessible for other versions, such as Windows 7 and 8. Once the compatibility is available, installation files that can be downloaded and executed will also be available. Through this, Microsoft can update the browser much more frequently than it could previously.

The new Edge will also make an appearance on the Mac environment to appeal to a wider audience. Furthermore, making Edge available on the dual platform makes it easier for the developers to develop and test Edge in different settings. While there is no official statement on when Microsoft Edge for Mac will be made available, it is speculated that the shift may start reflecting by next year.

The collaboration of Google and Microsoft will improve the user experience for both Chrome and Edge on devices operating on Windows. Thus, users have a lot to rejoice about through this association.

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